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Madhusudan Public School - Admission Rules


 Guidelines for parents of school children


* Parents are equally responsible for the safety of their children during school journeys.

* They must ensure that the mode of transport arranged by school or by themselves is absolutely safe.

* Parents must play the role of vigilant observes. They should note down violations committed by school buses and immediately report to the authorities. 

* Parents must participate in P.T.A. meetings and discuss the safety aspects of their children.

* While taking their children to school themselves, they should take proper care of their safety.

* Parents must ensure that the children acquire the right knowledge and skills for safe use of roads.

* Parents should not allow their minor children to drive.

* Parents must also ensure that the right attitude for a law abiding is imparted to their children by the family.

* Children are very good observers and therefore, parents must set an example by meticulously observing even small traffic rules.

* Remember safety of children must be the foremost priority of every parent.


  Rules for School Transport Users 


* Bus charges can be revised whenever necessary due to hike in the petrol and diesel prices or in the government taxes.

* Buses will pickup and drop the students from a central point in a vicinity. Bus routes are fixed and are normally not changed.

* No diversion/extension will be entertained on the existing routes.

* Transport facility cannot be withdrawn in the middle of the year except in case of change in residence. An application to this aspect must be furnished three months in advance along with the proof of change of residence. In case of immediate withdrawals in the middle of the session, three months extra charges will be levied.


 Instructions for students commuting by bus


* Reach at your school bus stop at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of bus arrival, Therefore leave home well in time, so that you won’t have to run to catch the bus.

* At the bus stop, always follow the queue. Board the bus only after it has come to a halt, without rushing in or pushing others.

* Do not board or alight at a bus stop other than the one decided by the school. Never board and alight at a red light crossing or unauthorized bus stop.

* Always hold onto the handrail if standing in a moving bus, especially at sharp turns.

* While in the bus, shouting, singing or making noise are definitely bad manners. Such behavior can distract the driver resulting in mishap.

* Do not sit, stand or travel on the footboard of the bus.

* Do not put any part of your body outside a moving or stationary  bus.

* Always adhere to the bus safety rules.



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