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Madhusudan Public School - Fee Mode Payment


Mode of Payment and Rules:


  1. The preferred mode of payment of fees through bank [ Cheque, DD, NEFT/RTGS, Online Transfer ]

  2. Those parents who are not able to pay through bank may deposit in Cash.

  3. Fee is payable on bi-monthly basis & must be paid by 10th of the month.

  4. Fine for late payment of fees & Struck of the name of the student (As Rule 149, Sub-Rule 1 of Haryana School Education Rules 2003).

  5. A fine for late payment of the fees & funds due to the school shall be charged after 10th day of the month as specified above, for a maximum of 10 days. The name of the student shall be struck off on 21st day of the month.

  6. If a student whose name has been struck off seeks re-admission in the same month, no re-admission fee will be charged otherwise re-admission fee will be charged as per Government Instructions issues from time to time.

  7. Receipt for Fees and Funds [ As Rule 159 of Haryana Education Rules 2003 ]

    • A detailed & printed receipt is issues for every fee & funds collected by the school.

    • Parent must demand a receipt for payment mode duly signed by the person so authorized.

    • For any inconvenience in processing the receipt, please lodge an immediate written complaint with the principal.



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