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    The imposing science laboratory houses spacious and modern facilities performing experiments, demonstration            and activities.

     LABORATORY RULES :- The School has a well-equipped Science laboratory and Computer Laboratory.

  1. Students must possess the following paraphernalia during each lab visit for Practical Classes :
      I) Prescribed practical lab manual.
      ii) Practical note book
      iii) Lab Coat
  2. Proper care should be taken while handling chemicals and laboratory equipments.
  3. Do not try to operate any laboratory equipment without the permission and instructions of the teacher-in-charge,          otherwise it may leads  to its malfunctioning or damage.
  4. In case a student causes damage or malfunctioning of an apparatus or equipment, he/she will have to replace it              with a new one of the  same quality or pay the cost of it.
  5. Do not take away any laboratory apparatus or instrument from the laboratory without the permission of the                    teacher-in-charge.
  6. Always observe silence and keep your laboratory clean while performing the experiments.
  7. Do not try to taste, smell and touch the chemicals during experiments otherwise it may cause serious accidents or        injuries.
  8. 75% attendance is compulsory for all Practicals



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